Embroidery River ParkEmbroidery River ParkEmbroidery River ParkEmbroidery River ParkEmbroidery River Park

Embroidery River Park project to "rebuild the mother river" as the main purpose, to spring for the soul, the water for the pulse, green for the gallery, poly water fortification, and the Baiyunquan Park docking fusion, through the full continuation and excavation Zhangqiu spring, , The use of Zhangqiu unique spring water, fragrant rice, lotus and other resources, to create a rich culture and spring connotation of the landscape of the river, the river of culture, so that the culture of the river, Has become the core area of Zhangqiu tourism culture; and will lead the surrounding area to form a set of eco-tourism, leisure living, business services, history and culture in one city complex.

Park is located in the core area of the north of the area, planning and design range from the south of Jiqing Road, north to shallow wells, east embroidered source Road, west embroidered River Road, planning control area of about 3570 acres. The main contents of the park are: Mother Square area, mainly mother river water features, theme sculpture, waterfront stands, water theater, mother love garden, Zixiao Park and so on. Spring, the history of the landscape area, mainly embroidered River spring up, thousands of trails, Baiyun Liu Fang, Qushui flow, the pond moonlight and so on. Network, the text of the landscape area, the main poetry garden, Wen Po Park, into the park and other theme park and the whole system of high point embroidered River Pavilion and so on. Commercial cloud landscape area, mainly Lu Shang Meng Luochuan scene reproduction, blacksmith park, stone factory, embroidered river water mill and so on. The whole park through the embroidered River Bridge, Jinjiang Bridge, Aria Bridge and other landscape bridge through all the attractions.

Zhangqiu embroidered river river brand stone, bridge railings, horseshoe stones, paving stones and other stone are from my company, all covered Qixia gray stone, Laizhou green stone, cherry red stone, China Black Stone, jute stone, white rust stone, Snow white bridge railings, yellow rust stone stone, horseshoe stone, landscape stone

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