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Artificial Stone Slab is usually referred to as artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial stone stone and so on. Artificial stone type is different, its composition is not the same. Ingredients are mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigments and curing agent. Application of polymer practical building materials, the manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, is with the progress of human social science and technology and continue to improve a practical scientific materials artificial stone is mainly used in the building decoration industry it Is a new type of environmentally friendly composite materials. Compared to stainless steel, ceramics and other traditional building materials, Artificial Stone Slab is not only versatile, rich colors, the scope of application is more extensive. Artificial Stone Slab non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, non-seepage, antibacterial mold, wear, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, modeling Variety.



1) Artificial Stone Slab cabinet countertops

Ordinary countertops: cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, windowsill, dining table, business desk, reception counter, desk, computer desk, bar and so on.

Artificial stone both marble natural texture and strong texture, ceramic smooth and delicate and easy processing of wood. Its use and promotion, marking the decorative arts from the natural stone era, entered a new era of new artificial stone.

2) hospital countertops, laboratory countertops: artificial stone excellent acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean care, seamless bacteria no place to hide, and is widely used in hospital countertops and laboratory countertops and other important occasions to meet the sterile environment Claim. sink

Uses: wash baskets, laundry pits, dishes, etc. are not brittle, easy maintenance, durable old, always bright as new features

Commercial decoration

1) building decoration

Personalized door column, is the finishing touch of architectural space, artificial stone rich expression and creativity, artificial stone can easily competent, so that every door column, like a distribution of cultural atmosphere of art, for life Space adds elegance.

Artificial stone surface Guanghua as a mirror, so easy to clean, long history, coupled with colorful dazzling, plasticity, a variety of windowsill board design with the best match.

2) business and entertainment decoration

In all kinds of commercial and entertainment venues, if the choice of artificial stone can make its design gorgeous and elegant, reasonable layout, can produce a wide range of use of space and perfect decorative light effect, so that you enter a harmonious tone, feel warm. Special curvature of the shape, exquisite mosaic, rough ore arch, elegant earthen floor, pleasing to the eye of the polished, elegant Roman arch, smooth bar, harmonious and elegant commercial counter, magnificent creative effect without exception Artificial stone is harmonious and elegant image. Highlight the business theme and entertainment atmosphere, artificial stone can also be used with a variety of materials and a variety of processing methods to create a unique charm of the special design results.

Furniture application

Artificial Stone Slab is a high-level furniture table table ideal material, veteran big class is also very useful.

Bathroom applications

Artificial Stone Slab sanitary ware, bathtub, personalized bathroom, is the finishing touch of bathroom space. It has a rich expression and creativity, to provide designers with a steady stream of inspiration. Whether it is dignified and calm of the prosecution style, or simple fashion modern style, healthy and environmentally friendly artificial stone bathroom, so you enjoy the bath every moment, life has her more exciting.

Art processing

According to the current needs of domestic economic development, artificial stone in the flower pots, sculpture, craft products processing to lead the future trend of consumption.


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