Butterfly Green Granite

Brand : Shixi

Product origin : Shanxi

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Butterfly Green Granite background light green, no dark green mahogany deep, crystal particles larger than the green and green linen. Divided into red and no red dot two, the price difference is not, no more expensive red dot. No reddish Butterfly Green Granite white particles to be larger and more, and a little more white.
Butterfly Green Granite compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, can be used in the long-term outdoor. Granite characteristics include high loadability, compression capacity and good grinding ductility, it is easy to cut, shape, you can create a large plate and so on.
Butterfly Green Granite, can be made into a variety of surface effects - polishing, matt, fine grinding, fire, water treatment and sandblasting. Generally used for the ground, steps, base, step, cornices, etc., used for outdoor walls, floors, cylindrical decoration.


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