Cherry Red Granite Stone

Brand : Shixi

Product origin : Shandong

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Cherry Red Granite Stone is a kind of granite stone species, in a variety of architectural garden construction has a wide range of applications, mainly produced in Shandong.
Cherry Red Granite Stone can be processed into a fire board, litchi surface, polishing board and so on. Cherry red fire plate decoration of the high-rise buildings in the country is a witness to all, but also exported to Japan, South Korea's best-selling stone.
Cherry Red Granite Stone and elegant, flowers, large, polished plate like cherry blossom in full bloom, is the Japanese merchants to take the number of "cherry red", according to its color depth is divided into cherry red G3764, cherry red G3767, is decorated warm color room The preferred stone of the environment
Applicable scope
Cherry Red Granite Stone for large-scale external wall dry wall, or square ground, shaped, parquet, sculpture, windowsill, table and step through the stone and so on.


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