New Royal Brown Granite

Brand : Shixi

Product origin : Shandong

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New Royal Brown Granite also called brown stone, native to Shandong Province Rizhao City Wulian County, Wulian place names derived from gray and brown spots and evenly distributed evenly. Belonging to a kind of granite, its color mainly brown, gray and palm point mosaic which, even more heavy luxury. New Royal Brown Granite has Beautiful color, gorgeous superior, and never wear, never fade the excellent performance. Brown diamond density of about 2.75 tons per cubic meter, hard material, polished light as the mirror, absolutely higher than the chemical synthesis of stone, ceramic products.

Lithology: Chinese-made granite

Origin: China Shandong

Background: brown

Pattern color: brown

Flower style: spot particles

New Royal Brown Granite structure dense, hard texture, acid and alkali, weather resistance, and can be used in the long-term outdoor. The advantages of brown diamond hemp also include high loadability, compression resistance and good grinding ductility, it is easy to cut, shape, can create a large plate, etc., can be made into a variety of surface effects - polishing, matt , Fine grinding, fire, water treatment and sandblasting. New Royal Brown Granite Generally used for the ground, steps, pedestals, stepping, cornices, etc., used for indoor and outdoor dry hanging outside the wall, the ground, the decoration of the cylinder, especially the brown diamond hemp itself has a strong sense of South Korea by the customer's favorite.


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