Shandong Diabase

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Product origin : Shandong

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Shandong Diabase : composition is equivalent to gabbro shallow diagenesis. Crystal, fine - medium grain, dark gray - gray black. Dark gray, gray black. Mainly from pyroxene and basic feldspar (with gabbro composition of shallow diagenetic) composition, with a small amount of olivine, biotite, quartz, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and so on. The basic plagioclase often changes to albite, zoisite, crest and kaolinite; pyroxene is often changed to chlorite, hornblende and carbonate minerals. Due to the color of chlorite and the whole is often gray-green.
The Shandong Diabase is similar to the composition of the gabbro, but it is so shallow that it is not as deep as the gabbro, so the particle size is smaller and unlike the basalt,
Shandong Diabase is a finest building material. Such as Guizhou "Luodian green", Zhejiang Linhai "malachite green", Henan "five dragon", "chrysanthemum green", Shanxi "Taibaiqing", "Beiyue black" are such.
1, The road asphalt concrete with a good gravel.
2, Chemical viscose powder
3, According to the different minerals can be divided into olive diabase, quartz diabase and so on. Can do building stone or stone technology, is the stone material. Texture uniform, no crack can do stone raw materials, fine particles are particularly good.
4, For a variety of equipment lining and various types of parts such as joints, casing, furnace and so on.


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