Shandong Sesame Grey Granite

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Product origin : Shandong

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Shandong Sesame Grey Granite, also known as Zhangqiu gray granite is one of the world's most famous granite stone species, can be used as a plate, floor, countertops, sculpture, engineering wall panels, interior wall panels, flooring, square engineering board, Stone and other buildings and garden stone material. The main origin: Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, Fujian, Wulian.

Shandong Sesame Grey Granite belongs to the quartz diorite, was NE-SW to the cloth, exposed to Tanhong last week and the new house in the vicinity of the mine, the ore veins about 5 km wide and 2.5 km, ore body exposed area of about 12 Square kilometers, invaded in the Mesozoic Cretaceous Lower (K1c2), is the early stage of the Yanshan granite body. Part of the ore body exposed, in the mountain concave or more vegetation, there is a certain coverage, in general, stripping rate is still good, ore body of the overall good, large block, suitable for open pit mining.

Shandong Sesame Grey Granite belongs to the whole crystal, the grain structure, the massive structure, the ore is grayish black or the sesame gray, the natural stone composition mineral is mainly quartz and the plagioclase, the secondary mineral has the common amphibole, pyroxene, biotite, Pyrite Occasionally, secondary minerals are chlorite, sericite.


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