Silver Dragon Marble

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Product origin : China

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Silver Dragon Marble is a black dense structure of marble, with white tendons, origin for Guangxi and Hubei, which is mainly in Guangxi, Guangxi Guilin produced by the silver white marble background black, good light, pattern white, durability, frost resistance , Wear resistance, hardness in the quality indicators up to international standards, radioactive indicators are in line with national Class A standards.
The physical properties: bulk density: 2.69g / cm3, water absorption: 0.17%, compressive strength: 629Mpa, flexural strength: 136Mpa, surface porosity: 0.47%, wear test: 2.9mm, impact test: 30cm. : Its appearance is divided into two kinds, black and gray, black silver white dragon is black and white, gray silver white dragon is dark gray at the end of white lines.
Because of Silver Dragon Marble black and white, beautiful shape, elegant and luxurious, has a high appreciation of the value, so the professional authority and the industry identified as a variety of modern buildings and luxury residential decoration ideal timber. Silver Bailong also often processed into a variety of crafts, such as the table table, kitchen countertops, hand washing table, hand dish and so on.
Silver Dragon Marble is often in the form of rock, rock, rock and other forms of output, and by the regional tectonic control, the general size is relatively large, the distribution is also more extensive, so easy to extract, easy to aniseed, and its joint development law, Is conducive to mining the shape of the rules of stone. Granite into a high rate of land, can carry out a variety of processing, plate can be a good fight. There are marble is not easy to weather, can be used for outdoor decorative stone. Marble, texture, texture, color, although the color is mainly light, but also very rich in red, white, yellow, green, black, purple, brown, beige, blue, etc., and its color is relatively small, Area of use.


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