Chinese stone to go abroad to seize the international stone market

Chinese stone to go abroad to seize the international stone market

In recent years, with the strength, vision and many companies in the market has been out of the country, to seize the international stone market. China's stone production, consumption, import and export development is attracting more and more attention from the world's stone industry. In recent years, we attach importance to China's emphasis on resources, energy conservation and environmental protection, the new policy direction will promote the Chinese stone industry to adjust the production structure and import and export structure:

① high energy consumption, high pollution, resource-based products, exports will be more stringent restrictions.

② domestic stone mining will be subject to strict supervision and management.

③ China reduced the marble, granite and total import duty to zero, back bolt dry and will increase the scarce and popular marble, granite and marble panel imports of raw materials such as stone.

In addition, with the Chinese people to improve the level of consumption and stone industry strength, China's stone enterprises began to enter the international market.

Changes in the domestic and international stone market, found that many enterprises of new business opportunities, its time and strength and experience to "go out" of enterprises to expand the new investment market. To Fujian, Guangdong provinces of stone as the representative of a group of enterprises to seize the opportunity to actively expand the international market, expanding exports and market share of products. After several years of hard work, has entered the harvest period.

At present, "going out" domestic stone enterprises show the following characteristics:

① in the mode of operation, the external processing trade has become a new model. In other words, the use of foreign resources and markets, combined with their own technology and management of comparative advantages, the domestic stone enterprises to make full use of local raw materials for production and sales, with broad market prospects. To Nanan, for example, the supply of stone from the south bank to the Egyptian company accounted for half of the local market share, and to Spain accounted for about one-third of the country. The advantages and win-win development effects of international cooperation to bring complementary has emerged.

② from the development trend, the domestic stone enterprises will establish unprocessed or processed products to raise the added value and technical content of the joint venture with the local enterprises, in-depth and fine processing, so that they better meet the needs of the local market, which Will help China's stone enterprises continue to expand in the international market on the industrial chain. In order to keep the stone industry bigger and stronger, some local governments actively guide and support the strengthening of international economic and technological cooperation and provide them with international development, which will help these enterprises to further expand the international market, many supporting measures.

③ In terms of investment, "going out" of the enterprises are mostly joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, its business scope is the product of export trade, sales or processing export base construction. In terms of investment objectives, mainly Australia, Egypt, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya and the United States, most of which stone trade and raw materials of the country.

In the past decade, the stone industry has entered a rapid development of the national economy, is experiencing substantial growth. All types of business flourish. As a head, Xiamen, Huian and other places in Fujian, there have been many stone processing and distribution in a very convenient transportation or local stone carving process in the family to rely on the operation during the center.

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