How to identify the quality of cherry red stone

How to identify the quality of cherry red stone

Cherry red stone can be processed into a fire board, litchi surface, polishing board, etc., in the decoration and construction industry has a wide range of applications, then how to identify the quality of cherry red stone?

1. The beauty of the surface of the cherry red stone is observed by the naked eye. Generally speaking, the fine stone structure has fine texture and is the best of stone. The appearance of the coarse and unequal grain structure is poor and the mechanical properties are not Uniform, the quality is slightly worse.Also in the natural stone due to the impact of geological effects, often in which some fine veins and micro-cracks, stone most likely along these parts of the rupture should pay attention to removal.As for the lack of angle is more beautiful, Especially when choosing

2. The size of the amount of cherry red stone specifications. To avoid affecting the stitching or stitching after the pattern, pattern, line deformation, affect the decorative effect

3. Listen to the cherry red stone percussion sound. In general, good quality, the internal dense uniform and no micro-cracks in the cherry red stone, the percussion sound crisp and sweet; the contrary, if the cherry red stone internal micro-cracks or fine Pulse, or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, the percussion rough dumb

4. With a simple test method to test the quality of cherry red stone quality is usually in the cherry red stone on the back of a drop of ink, such as ink quickly dispersed around the leaching, that is, cherry red stone particles loose or exist Micro-cracks, cherry red stone quality is not good; otherwise it shows cherry red stone dense, good texture.

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